copy cat

(that’s my little…not so little cat ramsay)

Being creative can take it’s toll on someone. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do (graphic design) and I never dread waking up and going to work in the morning. That says something if you ask me…anywho, sometimes I just don’t want to be creative. I find myself being lazy and not coming up with fresh, new ideas. I call it my copy cat mode. I hate it too, well, ashamed of it. Struggling to find a cool design for a site, or icon for a logo can be really frustrating. It’s sooo tempting to just go out and copy. I am not saying all design is original, because we know that’s not true. It’s just nice to feel like you came up with your own idea. All designers take things from other designs, it’s not illegal or really frowned upon (at least not by me). You just have to be careful not to cross that line of copying. Well the moral of the post I guess is that I will do my darn-dist to come up with original content…but just don’t smack me if I recreate a pinterest DIY…I mean who doesn’t love everything on there.
ps. have you seen this site. It cracks me up…and oh so darn true!


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