year número uno

1&2. our wedding day, love.
3. This was on our actual anniversary in Omaha at our favorite little spot, The Cork and Bottle. The day couldn’t have been nicer for a little outside chillin’ with a drink.
4&5. We found the cutest little restaurant called Succotash. The brunch was amazing and the atmosphere was very cool.
6. Our sweet bartender at our hotel brought this out for us. Come to find out she is from Nebraska too…I think that’s why she liked us so much.
7. Brian being a sport outside Succotash.
8. Mural art.

This past weekend we went to Kansas city to celebrate our one year anniversary. We ate great food, drank great cocktails. I of course had to shop a little but Brian was a good sport considering it’s his “least favorite thing to do”. We stayed in the power and lights area which was a nice change because I usually stay in the Plaza area. Power and lights was like a ghost town during the day but at night it comes alive. Overall the weekend was really great and I feel so lucky to be married to Brian. The kindest man I know. Love you dude (he HATES it when i call him dude) 🙂

ps. brian took a lot more photos but haven’t got them yet so darn, these will do


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