summer time

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oh summer time, how i love you so! everything about summer makes me happy; the colors, the clothes, the water, the happiness. everyone just seems to be happier in the summer. i for one am so excited for summer…pool time duh! i mean a margarita just tastes better in the summer. when i was young, all i wore was a swimsuit and one of the first things i learned to read (flashcards are the bomb!) was “lots of bikinis” ??? don’t know where that came from but my parents knew i would love it, and read it, and love it.

brian thinks i am a weirdo because i tell him my body can just handle the hot weather way better than the cold. he thinks that i am saying my body is just “made” for hot weather…goof. no, i really mean that i would MUCH rather be hot than cool. the sucky thing is i live in nebraska where the cold months out-number the warm. boo.

i am sure you have met some peeps in your day that tell you the changing seasons are so great blah blah blah…well if i could go from fall to spring to summer i would just be a happy camper. the only time i can actually look out the window during a crazy snow storm and think “ahh pretty” is only when i am looking out the window at HOME! haha. snuggled up all warm. otherwise ugh, it sucks.

i always get this kind of pit in my stomach about summer ending WAY before it’s even close to being over. then i have to think “calm down you summer pyscho…it’s not even dropped below 95 in two weeks!” ha. so keep calm and carry on misc amalia…


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