red rocks

have you ever been to red rocks? wowzers is that place amazing. this summer brian’s sister molly got married in morrison, colorado. it was such a beautiful and fun wedding overlooking the mountains. ugh, colorado people are so proud of their beautiful mountains, while us nebraskans are proud of our…sunsets…we’ll take what we can get! amber waves of grains it is!

while we were there we ventured to a wilco concert at red rocks. it was my first time there and i was warned hydrate-hydrate-hydrate and they weren’t a kiddin’! the walk from the parking lot to the top of the amphitheater was enough to give everybody a heart attack….and i work out people! geesh, well we had a good time and i am excited for another trip back. wilco was great too by the way. have always loved that band and to see them for the first time in a place like that was a recipe for brilliance.

oh ps. don’t wear a maxi of any kind if you are going to red rocks. talk about red dusty stuff i can’t get off my dress.


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