diy striped antler

i have seen these ridiculously cute little antlers all over pinterest. i really wanted to take a stab at creating a striped one like this. let me tell you, this is probably the easiest most self explanatory thing ever…but it’s always fun to share. i actually found a set of three antlers on etsy for fairly cheap.

1. glass of water to wash out your paintbrush
2. paint brushes (i used three different sizes to give different widths on the stripes)
3. plate for your paint
4. paint (i just got these colors at mangelsen’s, but any craft store will carry them. also, i got specific colors, but do remember red, yellow and blue plus some white and black will get you any color! oh minus the metallics…)
5. an antler of course!
6. a scrap piece of cardboard or something you aren’t worry about about ruining

A. put something down on your surface to protect it; i used a scrap piece of chip board. i work on the floor because i seriously live on the floor. it kicks the crap out of my back and knees but i just love it. anyways…i started at the base of the antler (where it was attached to his little noggin’) and painted a larger section because the bumps make it hard to be precise. Wash out your brush every time you change colors.

B. once i got to the split in the antler i also painted a larger section. it is kind of hard to line up the strokes of your paint when going around this area. i also liked the look of sandwiching each of the colors with white. i think it makes the colors pop a bit more. keep working your way up the antler, varying in size of stripes and colors until it’s all covered. you could also leave parts of the antler “raw” (not painted) for a cool effect.

C. one your finished put your pretty little antler anywhere in your house. i have it next to my home made terrariums here (you can see i just watered them because they are all foggy). that buffet table is in our dining room and i really want to paint it…that’s another post.

D. i also thought about putting it on this little side table in my living room. but not sure it works there as well.

hope you try this yourself! super easy and adds some “fun” to anything kind of drab. oh, i also bought a wood duck at the thrift store to do this too…i saw this and loved it. that’s my next project.


One thought on “diy striped antler

  1. […] kind of obsessed with antlers lately and had purchased a set of three from etsy a while back. i painted one antler to display in our living room, and wanted to use the remaining two in the baby’s room. they […]

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