paint is a tricky thing

ugh please forgive this hideous photo! i will take a better one for the “before & after” ūüôā

so brian and i have lived in our house for almost 4 months now and although i have done a lot (decorating and what not) i haven’t made any major commitments yet. the whole house was redone before we moved in, it’s not exactly my style, but very¬†livable. they painted every wall in the house a mauve or tan color. don’t get me wrong, it’s not bright purple and hideous, but i just want to add some variety. my dining room i think is the best place to start…well mainly because it’s the easiest…i don’t like to paint. there is also a¬†wainscot in this room. they painted it black and then have the trim in the room painted white. i was TOTALLY against this when we were looking at the house and thought it would be the first thing to go. BUT once we got our rug in there it actually kind of worked. so here is kind of what i am thinking:

i love the starkness of this room with the black and white rug. wainscot would have to painted white for this to work

i love this blue/aqua color with the white trim! but i think the wainscot would have to be white to make this work.

i love the dark wall here! i wonder if it would work to keep the wainscot black and then use a really dark grey for the top part of the wall…not sure…

i also HATE the chandelier. these are my ideas of what would be cool in the space

found here

found here

found here

not really sure which way to go…but i need to get¬†motivated¬†NOW! so hopefully soon i will be able to you some before and after pictures! i will keep you updated.

tomorrow i am headed to scottsbluff. i will try to take some good photos so that you all can see how beautiful western nebraska is! desolate but really pretty!


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