out west

i got back from scottsbluff late sunday night. it was a long drive, but i am really glad i did it. i drove out with my dad, which was nice to have 6.5 hours of talking time and then drove back with my mom, another 6.5 hours of talking time. i don’t have any really “fun” pictures because the trip pretty much consisted of going through my grandma’s belongings trying to figure out what needs to go/sell/keep and going to visit my grandma in the hospital.

it was really hard to see my grandma hooked up to all those IV’s. she is really sick. i just held her hand and talked to her, trying to be positive and up beat the whole time. she is pretty mad about life right now. she is pissed that her body isn’t cooperating with her. her mind is all there though which is great. she used to be a nurse, and so she is very aware of things that are going on. she is also pretty stubborn…saying the food is bad, wants nothing to do with watching the news or anything that could provide “relief” for her.

at my grandma’s house we got to go through some old photos, which was soo fun! my mom is a photographer and my family has always had TONS of photos, but it never gets old. seeing photos of my mom and aunt when they were babies, in their cheerleading outfits and cap and gowns, old photos of my grandpa, grandma and old relatives. my mom used (well she still is) one cool lady! she was a looker too 🙂

before we left we went to see my grandma one last time. this is when i kind of lost it. i tried really hard not to show it in her room, but once we left i just broke down. it was hard for me to think of her laying in this hospital bed; alone and sad with no family to come see you everyday. it’s hard getting old; it’s hard watching your loved ones get old. i just want to keep my family and friends close to me for a long time. remember not to fret about losing someone you love, just make sure you hold them in your hearts and always let them know how important they are to you.


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