over the week

over the week…

  1. taking pictures of my cats is pretty much my second job. i mean how can you not snap photos of your pets when they are looking so sweet!?
  2. i seriously love when brian wears his glasses. he does too, but they start bothering his little ears after a while. but doesn’t he looks so cute with them on and that new haircut!
  3. this is what is left of breakfast in bed. isn’t brian the sweetest! well it’s not all roses and cotton candy…but it’s the little things that make him so special
  4. my pattern mixing. polka dots and leopard print. the polka dots are really hard to see but they are black jeans with big grey dots. love them…oh and i got them at forever21. you seriously can’t go wrong with that store. if you are wanting to try new styles but don’t want to break the bank, this is the place to go.
  5. craigslist chair (there is another one, same style but green) that goes in my living room and i love. they are rockers and crazy comfy. i also love my deer pillow…can’t get enough of wild animals.
  6. crazy pillow patterns. i kind of have an obsession with patterns and bright colors. these pillows are in my living room and i just can’t get enough of them! when i was planning out the color scheme (or lack there of “scheme”) i wanted fun bright colors but in our bedroom i wanted to try to keep it calm and serene. it was hard…let me tell you…i was tempted many times with fun duvet covers…but i HELD BACK! i will share a little project i have done in the bedroom soon.

hope you enjoyed!


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