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happy halloween

on monday, brian, tasha my sister and i did some pumpkin carving. brian made a “scary” face, tasha made a little kitty coming out of a pumpkin and i made a raven on a grave. we had a good time. again, you are never to old for traditions you had as a kid.

speaking of traditions, brian and i were talking last night about how neat it is going to be to create our own family traditions with our kid(s). have our own christmas traditions and games, easter, halloween and thanksgiving. what a cool thing to think that we will be on the other side making these days so special. can’t wait! hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween!


never too old to dress up

this past saturday we went to a little halloween party with some of our friends. it was a really good time and it was noted that “costumes are required”. well they didn’t have to twist my arm to get me to dress up. as i have stated before i love halloween and i love dressing up. this year i thought it would be fun to go as a crazy cat lady and have brian go as animal control. the costume was simple; find an ugly outfit at the goodwill, search for as many stuffed cats as i can, glue those kitties on there, rat my hair and accessorize with cat toys. done. brian’s costume was virtually refashioned from last year. i just made a little animal control emblem to put on a hat and then found a cat trapping net.

the party was a good time. it was nice to just be with friends and stay up past 10. brian got to see his friends who he hadn’t seen for a long time, and i got to chat with some mommas about pregnancy, labor and cute cuddly babies…always a good time for a pregnant lady.

week by week: 14 weeks


i feel like this baby has doubled in size this week…or maybe it’s my bump. my good friend emily has given me some of her old maternity clothes, so now i don’t feel like a stuffed sausage in everything i put on. i am really loving the gap leggings that go under the belly. that is one thing that has been pretty uncomfortable, jeans or leggings that hit right in the middle of that bump. it’s like over or under here pants! i have been feeling pretty good this week! i actually stayed up until 12:45 on saturday night…i couldn’t believe it. i think i was the only one who thought that was an accomplishment though. ha! our friends are putting bets in on whether it’s a boy or girl. oooh the anticipation is going to be hard. only 6 more weeks til we find out.

happy weekend


it’s no wonder i love this little cat…she is so cute. sleep in and enjoy your weekend!

before + after: living room wall

i recently updated a wall in the living room that was driving me bonkers. i wanted to add some warmth to the room and change up the art. the painting that was there before i love, but was too bit for that space. that wall just got lost and there was a lot of wasted space. i chose to use a dark ash color for the walls, it looks a bit more mocha in the pics, but it’s grey.  i also painted this really not so pretty piece of furniture that has been following brian and i in our apartments and made the move to the house. i chose to paint it a dark turquoise and when i was getting the paint at home depot the paint guy said “wow, that’s going to be a bright piece of furniture” ha. i had a vision in my head and sometimes people don’t see it, but i know it will look great in the end. i have been really lusting after sunburst mirrors, but i haven’t been as crazy about the price of them. i searched online for different DIY tutorials and they all seemed pretty simple. just measuring, cutting some wood rods, hot glue and a mirror…simpler than it looks i promise! i spray painted the wood rods bronze and i think it looks really nice against the ash wall. the accents of white in the decorations make it a bit more sophisticated too. overall, the wall makeover really warms up the room and is way more my style. if you have questions about how i did something let me know and i can help you out!

feelin’ frisky

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it’s no surprise here that i like cats. i have two of my own (well brian and i share them) ramsay and tula. they are bother and sister and totally adorable. every time i see something cat related i squeal inside and get a warm fuzzy feeling. how can you not love a sweet fuzzy kitty? i put together some kitty inspiration pieces…i want them all. enjoy!

ghouls & goblins…& princesses

so halloween has always been a BIG deal to me. as a kid, my mom would make my costumes…i think i was a princess about 3 years in a row. i remember one year i thought it would be so cool to be a bat. my mom made this awesome bat costume with wings and a head piece that almost made me look like batman. that halloween was so cold that my mom MADE me wear a coat over my costume so you couldn’t see my wings…this was so uncool. everyone thought i was a cat…so sad. every year i would start thinking about halloween in august, that is really how much i loved it. in years past i have made brian get into the holiday too. he has been a sport and gone along with my crazy costumes. he doesn’t care i guess as long as i do all the work 🙂

i just love crafting costumes. the year i was cindy lou who, i made my own wig from a long blonde wig i found at a halloween store. the guy at the check out was telling me “good luck” with no sign of confidence in his voice. “i’ll show him!” well with some wire, stuffing and extra hair i think i showed that guy! the next year brian and i went as rachel zoe and her husband roger. brian kind of looked like roger (same hair cut haha) so it worked out great (side note…that was REALLY how blonde my hair was…wowzers). this past halloween my friend jenni and i decided to go as the white and black swan. this costume took a lot of work to create, but i think it turned out so great. lots of gluing feathers, rhine-stoning and makeup. brian finally got to go as what he wanted…sheriff rick from the walking dead. i had to glue those fake breast pockets flaps and shoulder things to a tan shirt to make it look more like a sheriff shirt.

with all of this said…i still don’t know what to be this year! let’s face it…i don’t really want to squeeze myself into something form fitting with this big butt belly bump and all, and i haven’t been really inspired this year. YIKES, what’s going on? we have a halloween party to go to on saturday, so i must think quick. i am going to really try hard to come up with some fun…or else i am going to have to go as a ghost. i just love halloween so much! the key is to not spend a lot of money; be resourceful and go to the goodwill, dig through your closet and/or your parents closets. have fun and be a kid again…this is your excuse!

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week by week: 13

so the cats out of the bag, and now i get to focus on these pregnancy posts. yay! so where do i start…first off, brian and i were both kind of really shocked that it happened so quick. we were in the “let’s just see what happens” phase…for a month…and boom! there she be! i didn’t have any real obvious symptoms so when that test read positive, i was surprised.

overall the first trimester was well, easy…i feel like i am really lucky and i will be hit with a stick of ‘this is what you get woman’ later on in pregnancy. i haven’t had any morning sickness, food adversions, or emotional rages (maybe brian would say different). at night though, i started to feel nauseous, almost like indigestion. oh, and it was hard for me to stay awake past 9, but i got through it.

one thing that has been a bit harder than i imagined is the weight gain. i haven’t gained more than i am “supposed to” but the feeling of getting larger is just no fun. the bloating has just made me feel about 10 sizes bigger than i am. nothing seems to be comfortable or easy to wear throughout the day.

i managed to still go to the gym throughout the first trimester, which was really important to me. although i might have been a bit whinny in my head…hahah. i kept wondering if i was really tired or if it was all in my head…like was i making an excuse to kick it down a gear because i was pregnant?

going to the gym has been a challenge not only because of the lack of energy, but also because i don’t have clothes that fit properly…my chest is just large and in charge right now…i kind of wonder if the people at my gym think i got implants…hahaha. my belly is starting to bulge out too. it is kind of a hard stage right now because it’s not obvious that i am pregnant…but my body is definitely going through some physical changes.

starting the second trimester was pretty cool this week. i have more energy and i have noticed my bump actually starting to look like a bump and not a ‘you ate too much damn food’ bump. brian and i got to see the baby for the time a week ago and it was the most amazing experience ever. right when they put that wand to my belly the baby popped up on the screen and was kicking around like crazy! it was so surreal! i couldn’t believe this little baby was kicking and moving in my belly but i couldn’t feel a thing. it was just the coolest thing ever and really great confirmation for brian and i that there IS something in there and i am not just eating too many cookies 🙂

this is a profile view

this is an aerial view of baby’s head and two little arms

i will be posting week by week pregnancy photos and updates on how this baby is doin’ so hope you enjoy…and don’t get all weirded out if i share something totally obscene and/or inappropriate…i am pregnant.


to me

because no one really cares about my cats expect me (and brian)…it’s my birthday so i shared these ridiculously stupid photos i took of my kitties