pumpkin patch

so this past friday my friends and i thought it would be sooo fun to go to the pumpkin patch. well, even though we were kid-less (besides emily, she’s got two little kiddos who came along) it seemed like a fun “adult” weekend activity. needless to say it was not…

i remember the pumpkin patch being sooo fun! even as a college student! scary hayrack rides, haunted houses, picking out the roundest, cleanest, brightest pumpkin. instead it was over crowded, dusty and all too manufactured. i tried sooo hard to try to get into it and stay positive, but ultimately it was a flop. sad…because i love fall and pumpkins and friends so much.

i can say one positive thing was the food. we spent about the first 45 minutes eating…yes, all adults standing in the middle of walk ways all chowing on kettle corn and these potato things. so that was good 🙂 i don’t think i am giving up on pumpkin patches just yet. there is place that has a bit more sentimental perks for all of us ladies, so i think we will give it a try.

over priced-dusty-crowded pumpkin patch = 1
girlfriends looking to be kids again = 0



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