diy jewelry cork board

i am a pinterest junkie, so when i saw this i knew i had to attempt the craft. sorry, i didn’t take pics while i was crafting these beauties, but it’s so simple…that a simple explanation will do.

you will need:

  • cork sheets (you can get cork in a roll or in sheets, i found sheets that had sticky stuff on the back)
  • if you don’t have sticky stuff on the back of your cork any type of glue will do
  • foam core (this is what you used when you were in high school to make those sweet presentations…yup)
  • screw clamps (i found these at home depot, ask a worker to help you find them…i was lost) i got four 6 inch screw clamps, but you can get any size or a variety of sizes would be cute too!
  • wooden disks (i found these at my local craft store, along with the other supplies)
  • tacks
  • painters tape
  • paint brush
  • craft paint (i have been collecting a number of colors over time, they can be kind of pricey to buy them all at once)
  • knife or exacto-blade
  1. place the screw clamps on the foam core and trace around the inside edge of the screw clamps.
  2. cut out the foam core on your mark with a knife or exacto-blade
  3. do step one and two for the cork board.
  4. repeat for all the sizes of screw clamps.
  5. stick or glue the cork board to the foam core.
  6. tape off sections of the circles of cork with your painters tape.
  7. paint a variety of colors and wait for each section to dry before adding another color or section of color.
  8. once they are all dry, push the circular pretties into the screw clamps. if it is tight, try to loosen your screw clamp by turning the screw. if it’s loose, hold the cork circle in the screw clamp while tightening the screw
  9. for the tacks, tape off half of the wooden disks and paint various colors
  10. then glue the wooden disks to the top of the tacks and wait to dry
  11. i put some no mark wall strips on the back of the cork boards and stuck them on the wall, and voila your done!

hope you enjoy! this took me maybe 1.5 hours to complete.


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