shades of ombre

when it comes to hair, i am not too picky. i don’t really do much with my hair…i wish i did. is there anything wrong with not wanting to wake up earlier to have to curl or straighten my hair? i think not…well until i look at these pretty ladies and their perfect hair…all long and flowy and curls and “done”. whatever…

anyways, i have a hair appointment this weekend and i am trying to decide which ombre way i want to go. my hair is currently ombre (which let me tell you – it’s a low maintenance, cost friendly, no yucky roots way to go) but i feel like it could be a bit more drastic. what is your favorite ombre color? they are all pretty to me…but then again these women are all beautiful and have people that do their hair…my friend jordin does my hair when we happen to get ready together (every…twice a year) curls and all…she’s good, does that count?

well i will keep you updated on the hair situation…but most likely i will walk out of there with the same damn hair style and color.

One thought on “shades of ombre

  1. jordin says:

    Do something crazy!! You can pull it off.

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