before + after: dining room

so i finally got around to painting the dining room. i think once i bought the light fixture i knew that it was time to pick paint. i knew i wanted to lighten up the room so i decided on a grey/blue color. i really like the way it turned out. i was trying to decide whether to keep the black wainscot, but i wanted to wait until after i painted and had the light fixture up. once it was all done, i really liked the contrast of the black and decided to live with it a while; and it matches the rug. speaking of the rug…i love love love it…but it gets sooo dirty. the dining room gets lots of traffic (ok…it’s just brian, me and the cats…) but it does have to be vacuumed often. the cats love to puke on this rug too…luck strikes if they puke on the black stripes 😉 i am still trying to decide what art to put on the other side of the hutch. it seems a bit lopsided….but that’s another day.

my next project i think it to dress up the hutch a bit. i love this, this, and this but i don’t want to paint the outside, just the inside. i think it will make the jars and pieces on the shelves pop a bit more. that piece was given to me by my mother-in-law. her father made it! so it’s a really special family piece that i want to keep, and maintain the nostalgia.


One thought on “before + after: dining room

  1. Kate Hewitt says:

    Love the idea of painting the inside of the hutch! Totally agree it’ll make all your other decor “pop.” Love the new dining room too, Amazing!

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