b-day wishlist

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my birthday is this wednesday…i am turning 28. i can’t really believe that i am one more year closer to 30, ugh. i remember in high school thinking how old 28 sounded (geez who am i kidding, i thought 25 was old). i think one of the first thing i learned to utter when i was a baby was my birthdate. i was so freakin’ proud of that day…my mom always asked me every year if i wanted to have a party, you know, with FRIENDS. but i would say, “nah, i just want grandma and grandpa to come over”. really that’s all i ever wanted; grandma’s cake, grandpa’s jokes and my family all talking about ME around the dinner table. i think every year the “i remember the day you were born…” story would come up, but it never got old for me. i always thought having a birthday in october was so cool because it was in the same month as halloween (oh my favorite holiday ever, well besides my birthday…because i considered that a holiday…duh).

now, my birthday isn’t as HUGE as it used to be. but the thing about birthdays that never get old, is being able to spend it with my family and friends (oh, and having me be the center of conversation). brian is taking me out for dinner on my actual birthday and then we are having a birthday/football party this saturday. so it should be good fun! oh, and this great wish-list that i have…remember there is a wish in front of that list 🙂


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