junk i make pretty

this dresser was a project i did awhile ago, but haven’t shared it yet. before we moved into our house i knew i was going to have to get some extra storage space for clothes. the closets aren’t the biggest when it comes to older houses. well i found this piece at the goodwill for $25. i love the mid-century modern feel to it, and loved the drawer “no-handle” pulls. the wood was kind of in yucky condition, so i knew i was going to have to paint parts of it. i don’t think it ever was an expensive piece of furniture…but that didn’t matter to me. i stripped the finish first, oh man…WORST THING EVER. if i were you i would just sand that baby down with an electric sander. the stripper is so smelly and toxic (i know you can get eco stuff…but i bet it’s still gross) and it’s just really a big mega-mess. soooo…yeah just use an electric sander. then i cleaned, then i stained the drawers and the top of the dresser a darker walnut color. then i primed the places i was going to paint and finished it with some white paint (ok, i used spray paint…again time saver). i would use spray paint any day if i had the choice, it’s fun and you don’t have to worry about brush strokes. i did recently paint a piece of furniture with a small roller which worked great too. i used the roller because i painted inside and wasn’t strong enough to carry it outside…and it was cold and there were leaves falling all over the place. oh, i also found the mirror at the goodwill and painted it to match our room; funny side note: when i found it at the goodwill it didn’t have a price on it, so i lugged it to the counter and come to find out it was the mirror for trying on shoes…haha well they still sold it to me 🙂

sorry i haven’t gone into depth about this pretty little guy, but it was kind of a long long process to do this…i wanted to be very thorough and do things the “right” way…and now i know this nice little rule:

don’t go through all the “right” steps if the stupid piece of furniture is A. totally not valuable and/or B. not something that came from your great great great grandmother and your mom would keel over and die if she knew you were painting it in the first place…you get it and/or C. you don’t have a million hours to do a DIY project 🙂 get it?


2 thoughts on “junk i make pretty

  1. Diane says:

    U did an awesome job! But you were wrong that furniture you got for $25 was not a piece of junk. You totally came up because mid-century furniture goes for a couple thousand dollars. What Goodwill did you go to? And is this in Cleveland Ohio?

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