week by week: 13

so the cats out of the bag, and now i get to focus on these pregnancy posts. yay! so where do i start…first off, brian and i were both kind of really shocked that it happened so quick. we were in the “let’s just see what happens” phase…for a month…and boom! there she be! i didn’t have any real obvious symptoms so when that test read positive, i was surprised.

overall the first trimester was well, easy…i feel like i am really lucky and i will be hit with a stick of ‘this is what you get woman’ later on in pregnancy. i haven’t had any morning sickness, food adversions, or emotional rages (maybe brian would say different). at night though, i started to feel nauseous, almost like indigestion. oh, and it was hard for me to stay awake past 9, but i got through it.

one thing that has been a bit harder than i imagined is the weight gain. i haven’t gained more than i am “supposed to” but the feeling of getting larger is just no fun. the bloating has just made me feel about 10 sizes bigger than i am. nothing seems to be comfortable or easy to wear throughout the day.

i managed to still go to the gym throughout the first trimester, which was really important to me. although i might have been a bit whinny in my head…hahah. i kept wondering if i was really tired or if it was all in my head…like was i making an excuse to kick it down a gear because i was pregnant?

going to the gym has been a challenge not only because of the lack of energy, but also because i don’t have clothes that fit properly…my chest is just large and in charge right now…i kind of wonder if the people at my gym think i got implants…hahaha. my belly is starting to bulge out too. it is kind of a hard stage right now because it’s not obvious that i am pregnant…but my body is definitely going through some physical changes.

starting the second trimester was pretty cool this week. i have more energy and i have noticed my bump actually starting to look like a bump and not a ‘you ate too much damn food’ bump. brian and i got to see the baby for the time a week ago and it was the most amazing experience ever. right when they put that wand to my belly the baby popped up on the screen and was kicking around like crazy! it was so surreal! i couldn’t believe this little baby was kicking and moving in my belly but i couldn’t feel a thing. it was just the coolest thing ever and really great confirmation for brian and i that there IS something in there and i am not just eating too many cookies 🙂

this is a profile view

this is an aerial view of baby’s head and two little arms

i will be posting week by week pregnancy photos and updates on how this baby is doin’ so hope you enjoy…and don’t get all weirded out if i share something totally obscene and/or inappropriate…i am pregnant.


One thought on “week by week: 13

  1. Emily says:

    More than amazing!!!

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