ghouls & goblins…& princesses

so halloween has always been a BIG deal to me. as a kid, my mom would make my costumes…i think i was a princess about 3 years in a row. i remember one year i thought it would be so cool to be a bat. my mom made this awesome bat costume with wings and a head piece that almost made me look like batman. that halloween was so cold that my mom MADE me wear a coat over my costume so you couldn’t see my wings…this was so uncool. everyone thought i was a cat…so sad. every year i would start thinking about halloween in august, that is really how much i loved it. in years past i have made brian get into the holiday too. he has been a sport and gone along with my crazy costumes. he doesn’t care i guess as long as i do all the work šŸ™‚

i just love crafting costumes. the year i was cindy lou who, i made my own wig from a long blonde wig i found at a halloween store. the guy at the check out was telling me “good luck” with no sign of confidence in his voice. “i’ll show him!” well with some wire, stuffing and extra hair i think i showed that guy! the next year brian and i went as rachel zoe and her husband roger. brian kind of looked like roger (same hair cut haha) so it worked out great (side note…that was REALLY how blonde my hair was…wowzers). this past halloween my friend jenni and i decided to go as the white and black swan. this costume took a lot of work to create, but i think it turned out so great. lots of gluing feathers, rhine-stoning and makeup. brian finally got to go as what he wanted…sheriff rick from the walking dead. i had to glue those fake breast pockets flaps andĀ shoulderĀ things to a tan shirt to make it look more like a sheriff shirt.

with all of this said…i still don’t know what to be this year! let’s face it…i don’t really want to squeeze myself into something form fitting with this big butt belly bump and all, and i haven’t been really inspired this year. YIKES, what’s going on? we have a halloween party to go to on saturday, so i must think quick. i am going to really try hard to come up with some fun…or else i am going to have to go as a ghost.Ā i just love halloween so much! the key is to not spend a lot of money; be resourceful and go to the goodwill, dig through your closet and/or your parents closets. have fun and be a kid again…this is your excuse!

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One thought on “ghouls & goblins…& princesses

  1. Taura Horn says:

    You should go as an earring – just dress shiny and wear a beanie with a curved piece of wire hanging down from it. Brian could be the other one and then it would be a pair of earrings.

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