before + after: living room wall

i recently updated a wall in the living room that was driving me bonkers. i wanted to add some warmth to the room and change up the art. the painting that was there before i love, but was too bit for that space. that wall just got lost and there was a lot of wasted space. i chose to use a dark ash color for the walls, it looks a bit more mocha in the pics, but it’s grey.  i also painted this really not so pretty piece of furniture that has been following brian and i in our apartments and made the move to the house. i chose to paint it a dark turquoise and when i was getting the paint at home depot the paint guy said “wow, that’s going to be a bright piece of furniture” ha. i had a vision in my head and sometimes people don’t see it, but i know it will look great in the end. i have been really lusting after sunburst mirrors, but i haven’t been as crazy about the price of them. i searched online for different DIY tutorials and they all seemed pretty simple. just measuring, cutting some wood rods, hot glue and a mirror…simpler than it looks i promise! i spray painted the wood rods bronze and i think it looks really nice against the ash wall. the accents of white in the decorations make it a bit more sophisticated too. overall, the wall makeover really warms up the room and is way more my style. if you have questions about how i did something let me know and i can help you out!


3 thoughts on “before + after: living room wall

  1. Tasha says:

    I love what you did molly! it really looks profesh!

  2. RedCandy says:

    Amazing! I can’t believe you made that mirror. It’s funny, I really liked the room before, but the after picture looks fantastic…such an improvement!

  3. Kate Hewitt says:

    Love Love the new wall Molly!! That mirror is beautiful!!

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