life lately

1. & 2. birthday dinner at blue sushi. yes, i eat deep fired rolls…hey, i can’t have raw fish!
3. one of brian’s gifts to me, cool warby parker sunnies
4. brian’s snap shot of a hungry birthday girl
5. & 6.  UNO hockey game
7. birthday/game day party spread
8. brian so proud that ramsay sits at the table like a big kid
9. precious little tula
10. brian and i trying to imitate camera phone facebook pics
11. 14 week preggo shot
12. jalapeño’s from our garden that brian made into hot sauce

hope everyone had a great halloween! we had like a boat load of trick or treaters last night. they were coming to our door in swarms. lots of nice, sweet little kids, and then some really bratty “gemme my damn candy…later!” kind of kids. i hope our little boy/girl is one of the nice, sweet ones. we ran out of candy before 8…and i thought i bought a crap ton of halloween candy. next year we will have a little bugger to take around and show off to family and friends, eek can’t wait! will i be thinking about their costume by may? probably…get a life right…


9 thoughts on “life lately

  1. Taura Horn says:

    you look great in #14! and others too, i just like #14:)

  2. Odin says:

    Agreed. Um excuse me but u kinda look pregnant……when did this happen….where was I??

  3. kate hewitt says:

    Love the sunnies!! Good pick Brian (or did you give him some hints?)

  4. Pat Cimino says:

    You might get sweet and bratty all rolled into one! I kind of enjoyed the two little camper girls who got picked on for “no reason” – no attitude there…

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