week by week: 15 weeks

this week we have another appointment with our midwife. we are excited to hear the heartbeat…it’s been a while and i am anxious to hear  that little bugger again. i have noticed that in the past week i have been a bit more emotional than normal. things can just set me off, things that normally i could just take big gulp and choke it down. brian is being a pretty big sport about it all too. he tells me he is proud of me, and that he thinks i am a great pregnant lady. haha…not sure i agree with that one myself, but i’ll take it!

i am really starting to feel pregnant in the way that i look. i know that my belly is nothing like what it will be soon, but i don’t feel like i just ate a big meal now. even though i still get mad in the mornings trying on clothes. i don’t think i will ever stop being like that though…anyways, we are so excited for our appointment! then our next one will be to find out the sex of that baby…can’t wait! then the decorating can begin…don don don.


4 thoughts on “week by week: 15 weeks

  1. Taura Horn says:

    or dawn dawn dawn… depending on what the doctor tells you!

  2. […] by the day and literally looks close to the same size as my 23 week belly with bastian than my 15 week belly… wha wha. i am guessing this slows down, or i am hoping it slows down a bit. my ob said that […]

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