photo by: cara brostrom photography

this past saturday i went to my first prenatal yoga class. i was kind of nervous…maybe i am neurotic or because i didn’t know quite what to expect, but the experience was just great. i went to lotus house of yoga because i have heard lots of great things about this omaha studio. the studio was so nice, clean, and had a lot of merchandise that i wanted to buy…but now is probably not the best time to invest in expensive work out clothes. standing in the lobby waiting to go back to the room, it was as if we were all in this secret club, waiting to expose our our goods hiding under our jackets. we went back into the room and set up our mats. the instructor had us do a relaxation time (not totally familiar with yoga terms…) while she let us think of our intension for our practice. she talked about how we were going to focus on relieving tension in our shoulders and neck. she said how a lot of time we keep the weight of the world on our shoulders. well because i am totally an unstable ball of emotions, i seriously almost started tearing up. i was like “ahh noooo! not your first class you goof wad!” i don’t even know why that made me emotional. maybe it was a time where having no distractions, eyes closed in a cozy environment, i could just kind of think what is to come. what i am going to be blessed with, but at the same time how much stress brian and i will endure. i am usually not the most emotional person in the world…but sometimes those tears just want to come. well, needless to say i sucked it up and class continued.

we all went around the room and said our names, how many weeks we were and how we relieved tension in our pregnancy. it was so neat to see all the ladies in different stages of pregnancy; all the different sizes and shapes of bellies. there was another girl in class that was 15 weeks like me. the instructor empathized with us, that we are at the stage where we sure don’t look like we used to, but we are not obviously pregnant. there were some women that were in their 30-35 week of pregnancy. so cool! some ladies this was their first pregnancy, some their second. i can’t wait to see everyone’s bellies to grow, and sadly some ladies will stop coming to class because they popped out their little one!

class was really nice; lots of stretching, posing, and it felt really good on my hips. it was also interesting to see how some lady’s bellies wouldn’t allow them to do certain things…that has to be hard. at the end of class in our relaxation time (again…there is a yoga term for this that i don’t know) i was about out of it when i felt someone touch my foot. startled, i jerked my head up and saw the instructor so sweetly trying to give me a foot massage. brave soul that woman. i just let it happen, because let’s face it i don’t have brian give me foot massages…any type of massage to be exact. i am sure further along in this pregnancy he might have to start to get on board with that…but for now i will except the massages from my yoga instructors. i really can’t wait to go back next saturday. it’s like my special pregnant society time, where we all come to stretch our bodies to the moon and beyond.


4 thoughts on “yoga

  1. emilygerch says:

    That’s quite the visual!

  2. Taura Horn says:

    Love your yoga story!

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