week by week: 16 weeks

16 weeks…almost half way there…kind of 🙂 this week has been pretty easy. i feel great, i am not as tired, and i have no weird effects that everyone loves telling you about 🙂 i feel like i have a little bit more control over my emotions, which brian is loving. we went to the doctor last friday, and it went great. we got to hear the heartbeat; it sounded like a little train just chop choo-ing along. it was much stronger and louder than the first time we heard it…that means baby is getting bigger.

speaking of bigger…i am feeling a lot bigger these days too. i have been having a really hard time getting ready in the morning. all i want to wear is stretch pants…but then i don’t have enough tops that are long to cover up my butt….and i don’t want to look like i am ready to go to bed either. any of my girlfriends will tell you, when i can’t find something to wear…i am a crank! well to help solve this dilema, my girlfriends came came up to omaha for a little shopping and lunch date. they were so very sweet and patient with me, helping me pick out clothes and try them on. i think they liked it too 🙂 i finally got some maternity skinny jeans! and they are colored! so i will feel a little more like myself when i get dressed in the morning.

i am starting to have baby dreams. very vivid…and sometimes i don’t even think it’s our baby. i wonder if this means i am starting to actually realize i am pregnant? haha. it has been so strange so far because it seems surreal and i haven’t felt the little bugger move yet. i wonder if when i feel a flutter it will be more real? what are any of your experiences of when it really sunk in that you were having a baby?


4 thoughts on “week by week: 16 weeks

  1. Kallie says:


  2. Taura Horn says:

    Funny, some guys don’t realize they’re dads until they can actually hold the baby! Seems to happen to women a LOT sooner:)

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