our house: the bedroom

i took these photos of our bedroom a while ago, when it was warm, sunny and the cats loved to bask in the sun on the bed…now it’s cold and we are lucky if it’s sunny. for our bedroom i wanted to keep the colors somewhat neutral. this is neutral for me folks. the other side has the dresser that i refinished which really helps it stay neutral. i love the mint/aqua color, just enough to give into my love affair with color. i am thinking about some of that color in the baby’s room (which i can’t wait for). our bedroom is very modest in size and it doesn’t bother me a bit. i love that it is cozy. it isn’t so big that i need to add a sitting area that would eventually end up being a place where clothes get tossed. brian wants to upgrade to a king bed..but i am not sure it will fit…but we also don’t know how we are both going to fit on the bed with that dang pregnancy pillow a friend let me borrow. that thing is huge! i hear they are life savers though. i am not quite big enough for it yet (like i am not loosing sleep) so we will see when the time comes.

for me the bedroom is a place to just relax at the end of the night; read, snuggle, watch tv and unwind. so i don’t need something extravagant. what about you, what do you love about your bedroom? does your closet need to be 90% of the space? ha, i guess i wouldn’t mind that 🙂


5 thoughts on “our house: the bedroom

  1. RedCandy says:

    I love that your room isn’t overdone. And I LOVE the blue jar with the flowers…..super pretty!!

  2. Taura Horn says:

    Our bedroom, being in a very old little house, is a pretty small bedroom. But I love it, it’s my favorite place to be in the house! White comforter, white rug, and dove/purple-ish walls with an antique bedroom set make it a great place to end the day in, and 8 hours later, start another day:)

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