happy birthday mom

it’s my mom’s birthday today. i just wanted to share some great photos of how pretty and adorable she was! that first one is of my mom and i. doesn’t she look so happy! i can’t say enough good things about my mom. she is the woman i have always wanted to be; smart, creative, loving, caring, beautiful and most of all a great mom. as far as i can remember back, my mom has always been a very strong, solid woman. juggling a career as an artist and photography professor, all while making sure there was a home cooked (healthy) dinner on the table. i look at all she has done for my sisters and i and it makes me realize how amazing and determined she is. my mom would do crafts with us, she taught me how to draw, sew, sculpt, clean (ha, she was a stickler!) all while showing me that being unique was right. she always said “only boring people get bored”…i hated it when she would say that…but she was right. i would then come up with some grand idea for something fun to do, like dress my cat up in doll clothes, or make jewelry out of fimo clay.

soon when i have to take on the mom roll, i hope i can be as memorable as her. i hope you all have memorable women in your lives, and if so, tell them you love them and you are proud to call them mom. happy birthday mom!


4 thoughts on “happy birthday mom

  1. Karen Lewkowitz says:

    So nice…I only disagree that she WAS adorable….she STILL is!

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