week by week: 17 weeks


so this week i started experiencing some ligament pain, like pain in my belly. i have read that it is because the ligaments holding up your uterus are starting to get pulled and stretch as the uterus gets bigger and moves further up. ouch…not fun. but besides that i feel great! i am still working out and keeping my same routine that i had before i was pregnant (plus adding in saturday prenatal yoga, yay!). i have been able to keep up pretty good so far, except for in pilates. i feel like i am losing my strength in my abdomen, probably because i am…i have also done a lot of reading regarding pilates during pregnancy. some people say no, some people say modify, some people say no after 4 months…my midwife said as long as you don’t feel uncomfortable, go for it. well, i feel uncomfortable because i SUCK at it now. haha…it’s kind of embarrassing in class when i have slowly started to super suck at everything and no one knows i am pregnant. besides pilates i am still going strong. i want to try to keep up with this routine for as long as i can. i know soon i will not want to jump up and down as much or at all, but all the classes i take have modifications i can make. so fingers crossed i can make it for the long haul!

as the weeks dwindle down to when we get to find out the sex of the baby, it’s starting to become more real. like, geez this is going kind of fast…and then once we know the sex, the planning begins. brian knows that when i am in planning mode i can become a bit of a weirdo. i kind of obsess over things and won’t sit down until it’s done. some people may think this is nesting…but i do this with every stage of my life. i will have project after project after project to complete…but what’s wrong with that? there is so much planning that needs to go into a baby, and trying to figure out where to begin can be a challenge. i will let you know what i dive into first! ps. who is soo excited for thanksgiving and a long weekend! me!

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