life lately

1. thai dinner yumminess
2. a cat that loves to sit at the table
3. yay elections are done!
4. girl’s night
5. an over cheesy smile
6. nice saturday=open windows=cat’s heaven
7. a snuggly kitty
8. an old family pic
9. this doesn’t happen very often
10. we won some awards at work, and our clients were happy
11. watching a nasty youtube video…it was soo gross
12. visiting my midwife

4 thoughts on “life lately

  1. kate hewitt says:

    can you share that you tube video….. haha! p.s. LOVE the Grey and Pink sweater & thai food… when is our next Thai outing?

  2. jordeeen says:

    Your friends look really cool. Can I start following them on Instagram? Not only because I think they are cool but I’m sure they will take lots of pics of Baby VB. Sincerely- dedicated follower.

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