week by week: 18 weeks


ok, so i am not pushing out here…brian keeps saying “are you pushing your stomach out?” ha…no. this week has been really great! with the break from work, we were able to get a lot of baby talk off our minds. we actually decided to switch hospitals this weekend. this was a decision we made together and we both feel really good at it. we went and visited our new hospital and it was just gorgeous! brian’s cousin is a labor and delivery nurse at this hospital. i always told brian how much i would love to have her as my nurse while delivering. she seems like she would be a hard core nurse…no babying, yet understanding and getting me to really focus on delivery. so this weekend, she took us on a tour of the birthing suites and the recovery rooms. she was so informative and helpful, and the hospital was so clean and quiet. it made our decision really easy.  i am not going to go into specifics about why we considered changing in the first place, but we are ultimately really excited and happy about our decision. it was really quite funny, when we were in the birthing rooms and brian’s eyes started to widen. i think seeing those stirrups made it a bit more real! haha!

this weekend i did a bit of shopping too. i actually got a diaper bag which i am totally pumped about. it was 50% off, can’t beat that…well i guess when it’s a bizillion dollars to begin with it doesn’t really count…but it was a bag i REALLY wanted so being 50% was a no-brainer! i also bought baby a chambray shirt…duh, again, no-brainer. overall this week i have felt great! sometimes i forget i am pregnant because my body isn’t beating me down. i still haven’t felt baby yet, and i am getting really anxious. soon, soon…and we find out the sex of the baby soon too! yippie!


8 thoughts on “week by week: 18 weeks

  1. Taura Horn says:

    “Are you pushing your stomach out?!” I know you’d never give this kind of response, but you could ask him the same thing and let him know how it feels!!
    You’ll have to show me what a baby Chambray shirt is, I have no idea!!
    Found an amazing cassette tape of mom talking about her first baby before it was born, we all have to listen to it together sometime, it’s so precious! She kind of sounds like you:)

    • amaliamisc says:

      oh my gosh! i want to hear that! how cute, i can just imagine a young mom. oh and i will make a post of all the baby lute i have got so far…and you can see the chambray shirt!

  2. kate hewitt says:

    love the outfit. love the belly. love everything about the bag & the shirt. can’t wait to love this little baby!!!!!!

  3. emilygerch says:

    You officially look pregnant and so cute! You are quickly turning into one of “those” pregnant girls (the FEW who feel and look amazing their entire pregnancy). On behalf of the rest of us… “Ugh” [with a look of jealousy and disgust]

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