boy vs. girl

boy | girl

boy sweater | boy pants | girl sweater | girl pants

boy | girl

boy vest | boy boots | girl vest | girl boots

in exactly one week from today brian and i get to find out the sex of the baby!!!!! eek i am so excited. most bets are on a boy, but to tell you the truth, i have NO idea what it is. i really don’t care at this point if it’s a boy or girl, just as long as baby is healthy and soo sweet…which is a given (the sweet part:). i drive myself crazy looking at all these cute clothes and accessories for boys and girls. i told brian when we find out i am going out and buying an outfit first thing! this might be the longest week of my life…although i have a feeling that around 37 weeks, those might seem like the longest weeks of eternity! haha, maybe i will not be ready and want this little bugger to cook good and long. who knows! i come from a family of all girls, brian has two sisters, so the jury is out on what we will end up with. this baby is just keeping me on my toes! i will inform everyone in my 20 week post what we are having.

5 thoughts on “boy vs. girl

  1. kate hewitt says:

    Can not wait to spoil this baby whether it’s a boy or a girl! I’m soooo excited for you guys, and holy crap look how fast the time is flying, you are almost 20 weeks!! wohoo!!

  2. emilygerch says:

    Obsessed!!! You should have both…

  3. […] weekend i finally decided on an outfit to bring baby home from the hospital in. remember this penguin outfit? well it was on sale at baby gap so i just bought it. i thought it looked cozy and something baby […]

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