and the verdict is…

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yes, we are having a little baby boy! yippie! brian and i are so thrilled! i can’t believe it, a little man, with a wee-wee and a cute little bum, is going to grace us with HIS presence in april. when brian and i found out on thursday we were just thrilled. during our ultra sound the tech told us she was getting close to “the goods” so we should look away. she told us that he was right on target for weight and height, basically that he was perfect 🙂 hehe. then she gave us a dvd of the ultra sound and the pic which revealed the sex of the baby (the little wee-wee…i think brian might get really tired of me talking about wee-wee’s). i had to go back to work for a bit and then when i got home brian surprised me with flowers and the sweetest card. he was just letting me know how much he loves me and baby, and how excited he is (this guy is really a catch). then, together we opened the results…and bam! wee-wee! a little arrow pointed to the pee-pee saying “IT’S A BOY!”. we were so excited! i started laughing (this is what i do when i don’t know what to do…i don’t cry like most people…i laugh) and was telling brian “you were right! you were right!” we went out to eat that night to celebrate and talked about names, what he might look like, and brian was telling me he was going to be a hockey player…ok buddy, slow down…haha. the next day i went out and had a little shopping spree for my little man. he got some really cute duds to wear soon.

we had to wait two days to tell our family. we wanted to reveal the sex to them in a fun way, so we had them over and made them bite into cupcakes to get the verdict. on saturday we had a little get together and it was so hard to keep my poker face up the whole night. my friend jordin made a chalk board sign where we tallied votes on what people thought this little bugger was going to be. i made straws that had either a bow or a mustache glued on them for people to display their “super logic” vote. i was so surprised that it was an even 50/50 on boy vs. girl. then when we had people bite into the cupcakes and it was time to celebrate! i think my family was the most surprised! they told me i broke the horn family curse (horn being my maiden name, the curse being that my mom had three girls). my dad will finally be able to have a boy! i know our baby boy will love his grandpas and grandmas. we watched the dvd of him on the ultra sound and everyone was amazed how perfect he was (ok, i just assume they thought he was perfect…i mean come on). our bodies are pretty amazing, what we can create.

the next day i washed his new baby clothes, and let me tell you folding baby clothes is a challenge but so totally cute. i kept holding things up to brian and saying “oh my gosh brian how cute is this?” “hey brian look at this, how cute is this going to look?” i just couldn’t get enough. now, i will start thinking about the nursery (ok, who am i kidding…START thinking…i have thought about this since day one…) BUT now i can actually begin the process!

we are so thrilled, we couldn’t be happier. i want to meet this little man so badly and kiss his little toes and tummy. we are already so in love.


5 thoughts on “and the verdict is…

  1. Pat Cimino says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!! You guys are going to be the best parents – looks like you are already! Vote was split at our house too – Mike was positive you would have a girl, and I was pretty sure it was a boy.

  2. Gretchen Budig says:

    WooHoo! I’m going to be a Great Aunt! Congrats to you both….and to “baby boo” for carrying on the Van Bloom name

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