week by week: 20 weeks



oooo i’m half where there! yay! so this week has been an eventful one. we found out we are having a little baby boy. my post yesterday gives all the deets if you are wanting to know. as far as me this week, i have been feeling really great. i do have a bit more aches and pains. for our company christmas party we went bowling and played three rounds…that was a bit much on my lower back and hips. i have been feeling the baby move so much lately! he is doing summersaults in my belly. one time, sitting at my desk, i jumped and almost shrieked because it startled me so much. i feel him mostly at night before i go to bed, and then sometimes during lunch time. i have read that he is only awake for 6 hours a day, so he is a sleepy little guy.

now that we know the that we are having a boy, the nursery decor can finally start! i have a pretty solid idea now what i want…i know it’s been days…but i can make decisions pretty quickly. i see something i like, i start picturing a million things to go with it…bam, theme chosen. as i said before we already have the crib, although it’s not set up yet because we are waiting to get the painting done first. eeek, i am so excited to decorate this room. i ordered some really cute fabric today that goes with my “theme” and i can’t wait to turn them into pillows, or a lamp shade, or basket liners. eek! now my mission is to find a modern looking glider…that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg…ok, i will give up my leg for one…but that’s it people!


the pic above was taken on sunday…after a long and emotional weekend. brian and i are both so thrilled to be having a perfect little boy that will love his mamma and think his daddy is the a super hero (he looks like clark kent with his glasses on). i feel so lucky have two of the most perfect boys in my life 🙂


2 thoughts on “week by week: 20 weeks

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Love the last photo, so funny:) What are the colors you are going to decorate in? I want to see the fabrics you’ve chosen! Though I imagine we’ll be seeing posts about it soon!

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