week by week: 21 weeks


over halfway there! it feels good to know that this pregnancy has been pretty easy thus far and it’s over halfway done. it does scare me a bit though…to look at how much this belly is growing at a super rapid pace. i know i have so much more growing to do, but should i be worried that i look about 24 weeks when i am only 21? when i look back at old photos of my belly i laugh. i remember feeling so bloated and gross, but i look at them and think “you were delusional girl!” again, what scares me is i know i will be looking back on these photos and think ha! de-lu-sion-al! yikes! is it normal to be feeling like you are growing too fast? is this the time where i just start to blow up? am i going to have a 10 lb. baby? or should i try a little harder to say no to sweets?

this week started off great! i felt good and was positive about everything (especially about brian being able to feel this little guy kick) until this weekend when i had a “mini cold”. basically a sore throat with a stuffy nose. mornings were the worst though, and by mid day i felt pretty good. brian has told me i am snoring a lot, and i am pretty sure most of it is due to the stuffy nose…although i do snore on a “non-stuffy” night 🙂 i have been having a hard time telling myself to relax and try to get better. i tend to go go go and not let people do things for me. this has been a big struggle for me in this pregnancy, from working out to projects around the house. i guess i will just keep it up as long as i can, until my giganticness just gets in the way of everything!


i think this photo above is what scares me the most. this doesn’t look like a 21 week belly…well my size references come from googling “21 weeks pregnant” and clicking on images…some women look like they just ate a big meal. i look like i ate a cantaloupe! well with all my worries of my rapidly growing belly aside, i DO feel very blessed that my boy is healthy.


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