the nursery: inspiration

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen.

so, i have kind of gone back and forth as far as nursery design. i knew i wanted an accent wall covered with some fun wallpaper, so i needed to nail that down first. i chose (still haven’t ordered it but i plan too soon) this woodsy red and cream print. i do love it a lot. i really don’t want to make this room feel “babyish”, instead i want to make it bright, colorful and a modern kid’s room…something i would kind of love myself 🙂 with black and white patterns and accents of light aqua, i think it really says “boy” without having to put dinosaurs all over the place. this inspiration board makes me want to start decorating now! hope you enjoy!

ps. this is weird, but last night i had a dream that the baby was kicking so hard that i could see the outline of his feet…i feel like this dream was mainly based on this photo…does that really happen? or is that just a really bad photoshop joke? kind of freaky if you ask me…well it was in my dream at least.


2 thoughts on “the nursery: inspiration

  1. kate hewitt says:

    love these ideas Molly!! Baby boy’s room is going to be amazing! Holy crap that picture… I am curious to know if that really happens as well???

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