week by week: 22 weeks


this post is a bit past due…because i am very close to 23 weeks now, but better late than never! we did take these pics this weekend though. i am sure my belly has grown a bit since because of holiday food consumption that took place over the past few days. this week has been pretty exhausting, mainly because of all the holiday stuff. i sometimes forget i am pregnant or have a belly. i then am reminded when i go to lay on my stomach…ooo yeah there is an eggplant in there and he likes to kick and elbow the crap out of me. he still mainly kicks at night, so brian and i just lay in bed waiting patiently for him. there is a lot of “did you feel that?” “yeah, haha!” brian and i were talking last night about how there is only four months until this little guy graces us with his presence! four months…you know how fast that is going to go! i started to panic a bit because i feel like i have done nothing! i plan to get the nursery painted this weekend and i think i found a glider too. it’s 50% off and well…you can’t beat that. i also have had a slight obsession with wanting to buy this guy clothes. brian says he has a wardrobe for the first two months of his life already, but i had to remind him that these babies change their clothes at least a couple times a day…and most of the fun clothes are for next fall 😉



it was really fun this christmas to think about how next christmas we will have a little baby to share our joy with! our families were all really excited to think about it too. i can’t believe how fast time is starting to go now. i feel like the weeks are flying by and pretty soon we will be able to meet our baby. we are just so thrilled and excited. let’s just hope that this “not feeling pregnant” thing keeps up for a while 🙂

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