our house: the bathroom

ourhouse_bathroom1 ourhouse_bathroom2 ourhouse_bathroom3 ourhouse_bathroom4

so when we first moved into our house, i wasn’t 100% thrilled with the bathroom upstairs. it had absolutely no storage and kind of a gaudy vanity. now i have actually grown to love it. it’s spacious enough that brian and i can both be in there without fighting (most of the time) and i came up with some storage solutions that don’t have a big footprint. the floating shelves have actually deemed themselves useful for toiletries and towels and the wire baskets above the toilet hold my hair products and washcloths. i made these jewelry boards to have a playful way to display my jewelry. i am happy with the way everything looks in the bathroom. now i just have to figure out where the heck to put baby bath time toys and tubs and all that baby gear you need to keep them clean…oh it’s going to be fun to have a giggly boy in the tub soon!


4 thoughts on “our house: the bathroom

  1. RedCandy says:

    Your storage solutions are brilliant!! I might have to steal a couple of these ideas. Thanks.

  2. Taura Horn says:

    Still need to make some of your cute cork holders for earrings & things! What do you do about all your necklaces? I imagine you have a ton more than are on the wall:) I have so many right now they hang from my dresser mirror and sit in PLASTIC BAGS on my vanity…

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