week by week: 23 weeks


so 23 weeks already. seems like time is flying by now. i think this week is the first week my body is really starting to tell me i am pregnant…take it easy lady! this whole time i have had a hard time taking it easy because i have felt so great and i want to assume i am still able bodied. i want to be like a warrior woman and do everything that i did before i was pregnant with ease. well the truth is i am pregnant, and there is a little guy inside my body pushing things all over in places they have never been. this weekend brian and i started painting the nursery, and with taping, painting trim and rolling i had one sore back the next day. i was like a beached whale getting off the couch or out of bed. let me tell you, it’s a sad moment when you realize you are turning into the grunting pregnant woman you never thought you would be until maybe 36 weeks. yikes! haha, well i know that i am still able bodied enough to work out and do things around the house, BUT i have to tell myself to take breaks, sit down and relax.

23weeks2 23weeks3

well i did end up toughing it through the base paint of the nursery. his room has built-ins that we had to paint also, so that was kind of a pain. the next step is going to be taping off the pattern on his accent wall and then painting over the pattern. so i am thinking we have another weekend of painting fun:) then we can set up the crib and hopefully my glider will be in soon too! i can’t wait to show all of you the progress of the nursery as it comes together. less than 4 months until our sweet little boy comes into this world (well unless i go way past my due date…)! wow, can’t wait to meet him!

One thought on “week by week: 23 weeks

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