DIY: yarn wrapped vases


i hope everyone had a great new years. brian and sure did. i stayed up til 2! when you are around friends and fun people it’s actually not that hard. while some people (i won’t name names) were nursing a hangover, i decided to get crafty. i have a ton of these white vases from our wedding center pieces that i snagged at the goodwill. i swear, it doesn’t matter what thrift store you go to, you will find dozens of these vases. i was going to paint them for the baby’s nursery, but decided that i would try something a bit different. here are my steps:

  1. pick your vases. i chose to do three different sizes that would compliment each other and that had slightly different shapes.
  2. pick your color of yarn. i know that i am using red, teal and black in the nursery but i saw this neon yellow/green and just had to buy it.
  3. hot glue one end of the yarn in a crease in the vase. you don’t have to cover the whole vase, i think that’s what makes it a bit different.
  4. wrap the yarn around once and glue the yarn to close the loop. i did this so that there wasn’t a gap as the yarn makes it’s way up the vase
  5. wrap the yarn tightly around the vase up to the point where you want to change colors. wrapping too tightly might cause your yarn to overlap itself. if this happens, just hot glue the yarn every so often.
  6. then cut your yarn and hot glue the end. your next color of yarn starts where you left off.
  7. repeat the steps with as many colors and widths as you prefer.
  8. use color combos and patterns to complete your vases as you wish.

4 thoughts on “DIY: yarn wrapped vases

  1. kate hewitt says:

    so talented & creative u are

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