week by week: 24 weeks


yay, 6 months down! well that is when you think of pregnancy being a 10 month thing. i mean, this has always kind of confused me because you are pregnant for 40 weeks, so if there are 4 weeks in a month, then that is 10 months…but who is counting…oh only EVERY pregnant women EVER! anyways, whatever month it is i feel great and am getting closer to holding my precious boy. i have been a bit more tired this week but i think it’s because i have been trying to pack a lot into one day. other than that, oh and the achey back because i painted on saturday, i feel great! i can’t wait to share the paint with you all. i will be sharing bits and pieces of the nursery until it’s all done.

i have been imagining our baby boy a lot more these days. during my prenatal yoga class this past weekend, i was picturing holding our little boy up in the air and kissing his little mouth. he was bald, pink cheeked and giggly. he closed his big eyes every time i went in for a kiss and kept his drooling mouth wide open for our sweet kisses. i also picture kissing his chubby little feet and clapping them together while i making goo-goo noises. i can’t wait to have a little boy that i can kiss and cuddle forever and ever.



this weekend i went to one of my good friend’s baby shower. it was so much fun to talk babies, see babies and basically  have everything centered around babies. it was fun seeing my girlfriend with her belly and know that soon mine will be round and cute like hers. she is having a precious baby girl, and i can’t wait for her to arrive. it’s such a fun and amazing thing to see long time friends grow up and have babies. it still feels like yesterday we were in high school, being naughty and crushing on boys 🙂

ps. i must have been really tired and out of it, because i forgot to take a front on belly pic…well it’s still big…so use your imagination


2 thoughts on “week by week: 24 weeks

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Your daydream about holding your little one brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing:)

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