the nursery: painting

nursery_paint1 nursery_paint2 nursery_paint3

so, here she is! i am in love with the final result. it makes me anxious to get everything else put together. the process was a kind of long but totally worth it. first, brian and i painted the all the walls “vanilla cream”. this actually was the most irritating part. even though the walls initially were a mauve color, we had to paint four coats…arrrgg. i am not sure why it was so hard to cover up this color, but it might have been because the initial color was a gloss and we painted a matte over it?? we will never know. anyways, there are built-ins on the other side of the room that we had to paint all the drawers and doors the same “vanilla cream” color. that was weekend one. my back hurt, i was tired and unmotivated to paint anything more.

well, give me a week and i will totally forget about how much i hate painting! yay! so i started on the accent wall. this was actually way easier than i could have imagined. i taped off the pattern, putting the tape where i wanted the cream to show through. i did measure the vertical lines so that they would be straight up and down. then i taped the diagonal lines one vertical section at a time. i wanted them to be kind of skewed; i think it kind of makes it look like trees. the fact that i wanted them to be skewed was what made it way less time intensive. it really only took about 45 minutes to tape off the one wall. one technique to avoid the paint bleeding under the tape (because we all know how annoying that is) is to rub the tape roll over the tape on the wall, instead of just rubbing your hand over it to get it to stick. it worked pretty well, but there are still little touch ups that need to be done.

brian came up to see my taping progress and said “honey, did you measure?” ha, yes…and no…and it’s suppose to be that way! he thinks he is so funny…goof. jokes aside, he did help paint the dark grey . he did the rolling, i did the trim. once it was dry i peeled off the tape and wow was i happy. this room gets a lot of natural light and is so pretty during the day, so the dark wall doesn’t make it feel dark at all. i can’t wait to show the built-ins and the projects i have for that side of the room. hope you all like it!


17 thoughts on “the nursery: painting

  1. Life&Ink says:

    Sensational and striking! Stripes are SO much fun, tedious to do, but oh so much impact. And you are right, when you pull the tape it is such a WOW! moment. Congrats on both the room and the baby! πŸ™‚

  2. Ali Hodson says:

    Molls, I love this! May have to borrow the idea.

  3. omg! i would have loved pulling that tape off the wall!! It looks amazing!

  4. emilygerch says:

    Looks AMAZING Mol! You should be so proud. Thanks for the tape tip! I’ve always wondered how to avoid having the paint bleed under the tape.

  5. Amy Frerichs says:

    I can’t stop looking at this. I come back to it everyday! So beautiful!

  6. Kristin says:

    Did you use the same width tape for the whole project? The picture almost looks like 2 different sizes….

  7. Reb says:

    wow! it is beautiful! just what i was looking for. i love herringbone pattern as well as chevron, but they are sometimes too much work with measuring and all. i am so happy that it is possible to do smth similar without a lot of measuring!! you are brave! thanks so much. i think i ll try this. I know exactly which wall!! πŸ™‚

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