for the dads


this post is for the dads. over the course of this blog i’ve spoke a lot of my mother, but my dad has helped to shape me into the strong willed woman i am today. i worshiped my dad when i was little. he was like a super hero to me. i remember telling girls at school that my dad was so strong, he could totally beat up anyone! haha. i got my technical brain from my dad. i was his little mechanical assistant. whether working on cars, mini planes or electronics, i was right there by his side, ready to give him the next tool he asked for. he would patiently inform me what he was doing. even though i didn’t really understand much of it, i remember just loving to be my dad’s special assistant.

any time i got to spend with my dad was “cool”. it didn’t matter what we were doing, going to garage sales, record shops or flying mini airplanes, i was in seventh heaven. i always felt so special when i was with my dad. he had a way of making me feel like i was the smartest, cutest, sweetest girl around. my dad has a contagious personality, a jokester at heart. he loves to tease and have fun, and over the years i have got pretty good at taking it.


i was a very lucky girl to grow up with a loving father. i also feel so blessed that brian will be that man to our son. i haven’t met one person who has an ill word to say about him. i can’t think of a better man to teach our son about respect and acceptance of others, kindness, cooking, patience, soccer and hockey (he insists). brian exudes love, it spreads like wild-fire when you are around him. i can’t wait for this love from my dad and brian to trickle on down to our son.

what an amazing role to fill, a superhero.


9 thoughts on “for the dads

  1. kate hewitt says:

    Holy waterworks over here =) That was so sweet Molly, I hope your mom or better yet your Grandma shows this to your dad!

  2. anna swisher says:

    ditto tears. a lot of my childhood memories include your family- going to your sisters’ gymnastics meets, making forts at your house, and going to Arturo’s for dinner when we had sleepovers (we never went out to dinner, so that was super cool to me!). hope they are all well! love your blog!

    • amaliamisc says:

      thanks anna! oh we sure did have fun didn’t we, haha. why oh why did arturo’s ever close! and yes…many memories of being at those gymnastic meets. hope all is well and thanks for reading!

  3. Taura Horn says:

    Totally love that you have a hairbrush! Especially as my hair is looking so pretty… Nothing’s changed!

  4. radbiker says:

    there’s Ramsey! 🙂

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