week by week: 25 weeks


so this week again has been a good one šŸ™‚ something strange is happening around my belly button though…it scared me a bit at first. i thought it might be a very faint beginning of stretch marks (AHHH) but upon further investigation it seems to be my skin turing a darker color. it kind of looks like a bruise, and i have done some research and i think it might be something similar to the linea nigra. it becomes more prominent at certain times of the day, mostly at night. hopefully it won’t start getting super dark. i have been letting baby listen to music for a couple days now. i am not sure if this is really doing anything to baby’s brainĀ development, but i am willing to try! heĀ definitelyĀ likes it though because he kicks around when i put the headphones on my belly. well that, or he is like turn that sh*t off mom, i am trying to sleep! haha. little stinker.


this weekend i finally decided on an outfit to bring baby home from the hospital in. rememberĀ thisĀ penguin outfit? well it was on sale at baby gap so i just bought it. i thought it looked cozy and something baby would look extra handsome in. i seriously can’t help myself when i go shopping…all i want to do is buy baby clothes.



this friday brian and i have our first pregnancy class! i am pretty excited to see what this class is like. it’s held at the yoga studio where i do prenatal yoga. i think it focuses on things brian can do during labor to help support me and help me through the pain. i will let you all know how it goes! there is also a class at the yoga studio where two doulas will share birthing techniques and get us a little more informed about the birthing process. i think i will sign up for this class and see what i think about the whole natural birth choice. more on that topic after my class šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “week by week: 25 weeks

  1. Tasha says:

    Well I’ve been keeping up with your pregnancy while I pump during the day! It is 6:20am and here I sit… First, you look fabulous! Tiny Molly and her tiny belly! Second, not to give too much advice because every woman needs to do this exactly how SHE wants to, but keep an open mind about your birth process. It shouldn’t be called a “birth plan” because you can’t plan for what might happen. Two babies, two totally different births. The pain with the second was so much more intense I walked into the hospital begging for drugs! What ever you decide to do, it will be great and soon you will be happier than you have ever been. Can’t wait to chat….

    • amaliamisc says:

      Hi Tasha!!! So glad you are keeping up with the blog! Soo glad you are loving that new little baby girl! Yeah, our “birth plan” hasn’t even begun to take shape, and yes, i have heard if you come into the hospital with a plan that baby will usually do the opposite. i am definitely open minded about labor! can’t wait til march, ugh that’s a long ways away to get to see you!

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