nursery: little red fox


1. illustration art i created for baby’s room. 2. adorable fox pillow 3. mini fox pillow i already have 4. knitted fox toy 5. dress up for a foxy boy 6. small fox portrait

in the nursery i plan to have lots of red accents to contrast the creams.whites and blacks/greys.  i thought it would be fun to incorporate red foxes to make it a little more playful. i illustrated the first image for him, now i just have to put it in a frame. all these other fun fox toys and pillows i adore. the whole nursery is slowly coming together…but i will give updates as things happen. right now i am working on the curtains for the nursery, so that will be a post soon.

hopefully he won’t be sly like a fox…and trick his mom and dad all the time. can we say karma?


2 thoughts on “nursery: little red fox

  1. athy Bingham says:

    You are so clever. I love reading about everything. Yo do know you are going to have to help Kate whenthe time comes. Love, Kathy I wanted to tell you that Erin has doula classes and will be completely trained soon. How great. Are you going to a hospital? Love, kathy

    • amaliamisc says:

      Thanks Kathy! Yes of course Kate will have my full support! And she did say erin was training to be a doula, how cool! We r delivering at Methodist women’s hospital.

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