baby’s new digs



when you have a mom that loves shopping…you get a baby with a lot of clothes before they are even born. i am prepping his wardrobe for next fall/winter. why would i do this when i don’t even know how big he will really be you ask?…well because i just can’t help myself and when i come across clothes that i would wear if i were a boy i just have to buy them. the shorts and pants with suspenders are from baby zara, i think they are sold out now. the baby shoes are baby toms, which i bought at a local shoe shop i love called pattino. the little eskimo bear hat is from old navy and so is the oooooh sooo cool chambray shirt. don’t worry, i have planned on wearing my chambray shirt when baby does…duh! although i do love clothes and do love to shop, i am also a clearance queen. i look for a deal and don’t feel the need to pay full price for anything.

i want this little guy to dress well…and i know i know, you are all saying “oh you just wait, he will puke all over everything and he won’t ever wear real clothes” and i do understand this too. i don’t really plan on having him in cool digs everyday, or for the first few months in fact, but a mom can dream big.  i just don’t really want him in onesies that say “i love baseball” with a picture of a mit on the front, or “my dad rocks” haha. again…dream big mamma…until reality sets in.



7 thoughts on “baby’s new digs

  1. kate hewitt says:

    Well I better go return the 2 onesies that I got him with “My Dad Rocks” and “I Love Baseball” on the front… dangit, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten those 2 =) I have no doubt he will be the best dressed baby ever!

  2. Taura Horn says:

    You’re going to have an 1890’s baby with those adorable little pants and suspenders! So cute!!

  3. kathy bingham says:

    It doesn’t matter what they are in because they are a part of you and that is the real deal. You love them in cute digs, puked on digs and any other digs you can find that aren’t in the wash. Love, Kathy

  4. Dannie says:

    ohmygoodness WHERE did you find those little pants with suspenders?!

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