week by week: 26 weeks


so this week i have had more energy than normal. i had a busy weekend full of birthing classes, yoga, friends date, cleaning, birthday dinners and more birthing classes and somehow i wasn’t beaten-up at the end of it. it was a great way to spend the weekend. our class on friday was a couples yoga class, focusing on pain relief positions and how your partner can help massage you during labor. it was actually really beneficial because they had couples discuss what type of reassurance and vocalization you would like during difficult times in labor. i told brian i want not a lot of talking, calmness, and most of all to remind me that this does have an end. they had each partner do a wall sit for 2 minutes and we had to talk our partners through the pain. it was funny because afterwards brian told me he didn’t like me talking to him; that he was trying to block me out. so we actually both deal with pain in the same way.

in prenatal yoga we practice these techniques too. my yoga teacher always says, giving birth is like running a marathon. you can’t just show up the day of the race with no preparation and run the race. same thing with labor; you need to prepare yourself and your partner. i feel really blessed to have a supportive husband that will help me through this as well as a supportive team of women who help prepare me for our baby’s birthday.

26weeks2 26weeks3

going to these childbirth classes makes this that much more real. it’s going to be here before we know it and i just want to be prepared. i am really excited to talk about our class we had on sunday, but i want to elaborate on more things so i will create a post later this week. it’s pretty exciting to think this is happening and i want to stay as positive about childbirth as i can.


3 thoughts on “week by week: 26 weeks

  1. Taura Horn says:

    The weeks are flying by! I can’t believe how big you are now, we need to start thinking about your maternity photos:)

  2. kate hewitt says:

    those photos are going to be amazing! Can’t wait to see them! Taura, I can’t tell you how many compliments I still get on my wedding photos!!

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