thoughts on birth


I wanted to elaborate on the birthing class brian and i went to this past sunday. it was taught by two omaha doulas. they run a massage/doula/hypnobabies business. i was most interested in their doula services. a doula is not a medical expert, but offers metal, physical and emotional support to mothers during labor. they showed us different poses and massage techniques to relieve pain in your back or abdomen. they talked about having mothers walking stairs, doing squats, walking the halls, sitting in certain positions all to help get the baby in the optimal birthing position. a doula can offer some support for the mothers as well as helping direct their partner in ways they can help make mom feel better. the doulas said that most of the time the partners want to be involved but aren’t sure what to do or what to say.

we watched a few videos, learned about things we can say no to, things we may want to ask for and mostly how labor isn’t something that should be thought as of negative. the way in which women (and men) look at child birth is ever changing over generations. the doula spoke of her great grandmother giving birth in their home with a later visit from the doctor, her grandmother being totally put to sleep and then the baby taken out, and her mother who had no pain meds and gave birth naturally. these days i feel like women look at you like you are a crazy person if you tell them you want to try things naturally. what happened to women supporting each other and being positive? we all know it can be done; to have your baby naturally, so why is it that women are making comments to each other like “good luck…” “oh just you wait..”

we left the class on sunday feeling excited and nervous about our baby’s birthday. a doula is something that brian and i are considering for our birth plan. i would love to have my baby naturally. this is a decision i have come to over the course of this pregnancy. it’s also the scariest decision that i have come to. am i saying that i will beat myself up if i need an epidural? or have to have a c-section? no. will i freak out if my “birth plan” doesn’t go as “planned”? no. do i want to try to make this experience as positive as i can? yes.

i am not naive in the since that i think it’s going to be daises and butterflies. i know that it’s going to be the hardest thing i will ever have to go through, and all i can do is try to prepare myself mentally and physically the best i can. to me, why not try? why not see what the female body is meant to do. there is an end, this WILL end, you will not die, the pain will go away. you will be blessed with the most fantastic gift you could ever imagine at the end of this struggling journey. in the end, that is your reward.

next time you see a pregnant women, why not go up to her and say something positive.


4 thoughts on “thoughts on birth

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful post! I don’t know why people say things like, “Oh just you wait!” about the desire to have a natural birth. Maybe it’s the “You need to know that I know more than you” mentality? Or that they feel like you’re not valuing their experience when you say you want to do the opposite of what they did. Either way, you just gotta be nice to pregnant ladies!

  2. Kristin Rouse says:

    Truth is, you won’t know exactly what you want until you are in labor. I didn’t go into it planning for either way, but it turned out a natural birth was perfect for me, with the help of my doula! (Who happened to be Jon’s mom, who happened to be AMAZING both times). So I say, go for the doula! And good for you for wanting to try naturally!

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