week by week: 27 weeks



i am finally in the third trimester! yay! three more months until this little guy joins us. i am feeling pretty good, but i am starting to feel a little more restricted in the movements i can make. like bending down to pick something up, or tying my shoes. i kind of feel like a umpa-lumpa…i feel like my air supply gets cut off when i am trying to put on my tennis shoes. at the gym i try to act real calm and cool when putting on my shoes…even though i am wanting to gasp for air. haha. i am noticing after i eat a meal i get a little uncomfortable too. i think my organs are just adjusting to my bigger belly and uterus and i might just have to make myself eat smaller meals…darn.


we had a really relaxing, low-key weekend and it was so nice. we actually put up the baby crib and it’s so pretty! it looks great in the room and i can’t wait to share pictures! another exciting thing we did this weekend was hire a doula! we are soo excited to have a doula help in our birthing process. we feel really confident in our decision and now can’t wait to have baby come! our doula will be with us the entire birth. she will come to our house when i go into labor. i want to try and stay at home as long as i can, where we are comfortable. i think the doula will help both brian and i stay calm during this time which will be nice.

everything seems to be falling into place and i am starting to feel more and more confident and excited about this birth and bringing home our sweet little boy. but am i feeling confident about having 13 more weeks of a growing belly…not so much…but it’s all worth it right 🙂


2 thoughts on “week by week: 27 weeks

  1. Taura Horn says:

    nice bracelet! Brooke asked me if you liked it, now she has proof:)

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