nursery: diy lined shelves

diy_shelving1 diy_shelving2


1. that’s me!
2. you will need mod podge and paper for this project. i used patterned scrapbooking paper.
3. don’t cut your paper to the exact size yet, just make sure you have enough.
4. put a thin layer of mod podge on the shelve. i wanted the paper to show on the lip of the shelve, so that is where i started to glue first. then i just folded the paper over the shelve and applied mod podge to the top of the shelf.
5. if you paper has patterns, line up the patterns after you have put mod podge down for the next section.
6. it took three sheets of paper to cover the shelf, but there was so extra paper on the edge.
7. take an exacto and trim the excess paper off.
8. repeat with however many patterns or colors for however many shelves you have.

the project is “some-what finished”. i still need to get the decorations and/or baskets the way i want them, but i really like the way it looks thus far! where the “desk” is under the shelves is where the baby’s changing pad is going to be. i still need to get one of those…i got time i think 🙂 hope you like the “process” because it may change every time you see it.

4 thoughts on “nursery: diy lined shelves

  1. anna swisher says:

    Looks cute! I have an old oak book shelf that I am currently using as a makeshift “armoire”… i.e. clothes folded on the shelves 🙂 i was just thinking i could spruce it up to match our bedroom by painting it, the cute shelves would be a great idea! looks like you painted the rest of it too? did you post about that on your blog?

    • amaliamisc says:

      The built-ins were already pained so all I had to do was paint the drawers and cupboards the cream color of the wall. I think a bookshelf “armoire” would look great with some color!

  2. kathy bingham says:

    You are sooooooo talented. Don’t be giving kate any ideas. I did something like that for a shelving unit in Jasons nursery. I painted cinder blocks cute colors and covered the shelves with material. I used the same material to make his bedding and curtains and cover lamp shades and other stuff. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. Did Dave Help He__ No. He did help put the crib together. Can’t wait for the shower. love, Kathy

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