week by week: 28 weeks


this week has had it’s ups and downs. first, the ups. i had my glucose test today and i passed with flying colors!! the test wasn’t that bad, besides the not eating breakfast and then having to drink that yucky orange pop and get my blood drawn 4 times. i called for the results and they said all my tests came back with good numbers. this really makes me think that eating breakfast, a snack and lunch all before i took my first test was a mistake. so, for all you ladies out there that have to take this test, try not to eat before you go, or have a small breakfast. anyways i am so thrilled that i am ok!

this past friday we met our doula kelly. we had already met her at the birthing class she led at the yoga studio, but this time it was one on one. we talked about what we wanted out of her, the birth and the overall experience. she has a sense of humor, which i think will be good to lighten the mood on the big b-day. she even gave me some homework and had some great book recommendations for both brian and i. brian is such a sweetie that he went out and got the books right away for me. side note: i was reading one of the books at the doctor’s office this morning and one funny quote was “the uterus is an amazing muscle, if males had one they would brag about it, so we should brag” haha, i loved that. kelly will be coming to our house to help us with our birth plan and to get familiar with the way we are at home. i also get a prenatal massage…aaaaahh can’t wait for that.


other pregnancy news…the down side of things, i find myself being more emotional these days. i thought those crazy hormones were mainly supposed to hit during the beginning of pregnancy? i get upset about silly things, become more anxious and find myself feeling kind of pathetic…like a sad beaten puppy. i am really going to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop feeling anxious and start thinking positive. we have to remind ourselves of this every once in a while. i am lucky and i love myself 🙂


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