week by week: 29 weeks



29 weeks…i can’t believe it! it’s starting to go so fast that panic might start kicking in about getting everything done before the baby arrives! my sisters joke that i have so much already done and/or organized…but i still feel like there is a ton i need to think about and prepare for. this week has been good for my emotions (no crazy psycho fits) but my body seems to be slipping back into those first trimester habits. like feeling nauseous if i stay up too late, getting indigestion if i eat too fast, and lower back pain. i keep telling myself i can make one more week of turbo kick and kickboxing…one more week…i just want to make it to 30 weeks still going to those classes and then i can be proud. yes, i can do it! then it’s granny style walking on the treadmill and lifting hand weights. i kind of feel like people look at me at the gym like, ‘what is this girl doing?’ no one wants to be “noticed” at the gym, you kind of just want to go about your business (unless you are the guy or gal who definitely does want to be noticed…) so when you have a big old pregnant belly it kind of makes it hard to be discrete. come on people…i am just trying to stop the big butt from tripling in size in these last weeks!



i also have been kind of slacking on decorating the nursery. there is something every weekend that seems to get in the way. oh like…rearranging the guest bedroom for no apparent reason…whaaaa? and then realizing you liked it the way it was before? whaaa? i have like 10 stupid projects around the house i want to get done…but i first need to focus on the little guy’s room. i have a really cool little project that i am excited about. maybe i can not be a lazy bum this week and try to accomplish something. fingers crossed! cause i know you will all love it!


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