nursery: diy curtains


because i am cheap and well…cheap, i didn’t want to spend a ton of money on curtains that didn’t serve a purpose besides looking cute. i went to target and bought two shower curtains…yes, shower curtains. i measured and found two shower curtains would give me enough fabric for both windows (one window only needed one curtain, while the larger window needed a curtain on either side). i knew i wanted to line the edge of the curtains with this cute fuzzy ball trim that i got off etsy. seriously all i did was cut each shower curtain in half, then i hot glued the red fuzzy ball trim on the cut edge of the fabric so that i wouldn’t have to finish off any edges. i hung the curtain rods and then took some extra trim to tie the curtains back. done. cheap. easy.


2 thoughts on “nursery: diy curtains

  1. Pat Cimino says:

    I see a cute little kitty looking real alert on the chair, just waiting for a playmate.

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