week by week: 30 weeks


30 weeks pregnant, can you believe it?! once you hit 30 weeks, it seems like you are in the home stretch. i have felt really good this week. my hips are a little sore, but i guess that is to be expected…making room for that head 🙂 this little guy is getting more and more active every week. he seems to be awake quite a bit more. he still prefers to be a mover and a shaker when i am sitting still or laying down. BUT of course, when my friends want to feel him move, he is as still as ever…stinker. we are still listening to music, and he still really likes it. at first he is really active, then he falls asleep to it.


i had my first baby shower this weekend hosted by some of my best friends. it was so much fun! baby boy got so many great gifts, and i couldn’t be more thankful for every single one of them! when i got home i went through all the presents to show brian. he was surprisingly excited about all of them haha. sunday i did baby laundry, which is so fun! (i say that now…) folding all his little clothes, towels, washcloths and blankets makes it seem that much more real. on sunday i sat in his room on the glider imagining what it will be like to have a wiggle worm to play with on the floor, to rock good night and to change his poopy diapers. i could sit in his room all day long.


these last 10 weeks are going to go fast, and to tell you the truth it makes me a little sad. i kind of like being pregnant. anything i initially missed in the begininning of this pregnancy has passed and being pregnant makes me feel like i have a super-power. ‘amalia the amazing! can grow big babies and fight off any sickness!’ give it 6 weeks…and i will be ready to be not gigantic 🙂


5 thoughts on “week by week: 30 weeks

  1. […] ps. last week i had more pics of my belly and don’t know why they didn’t get posted…but if you want to look back, they are up now! 30 weeks post […]

    • kathy bingham says:

      Molly, You are so cute. I wish I had these kind of memories in writing and pictures to pass on to my children. Sometimes I am amazed at the internet and sometimes I think it is the worst thing that has happened to our children. You can instantly be acquainted with the wrong people and the wrong information, but if you use it wisely you can create such wonderful memories like you are doing now. I think it’s good that Brian is reading books. It will help him transition. Brian did I ever tell you that Dave got up in the middle of the night to change the diaper and would bring my babies to me in bed to nurse? Then he was fast asleep again. He wanted to do his part because he wasn’t around all the time, and believe me I appreciated all of his efforts. You guys are going to be great parents I have no doubt, but you are about to take on the most difficult thing you’ve ever done. Always questioning yourself if you are making the right decision!!!!!!!!!! Just be yourselves and all will turn out fantastic. It was fun having you here for the baby shower. I especially liked that Mike and Brian came back afterwards to talk. Be sweet and take care of yourself and your precious cargo. Love, Kathy

      • amaliamisc says:

        kathy i totally agree with the whole internet thing! i love it that dave was a big help during those first months! brian i am sure will be a big help too, and knowing that he can fall asleep in less than a minute should make me feel ok with it too! we are so excited to have this little boy join our family soon. go with my gut is what i keep telling myself for my parenting skills. hopefully it will all work out!

  2. Taura Horn says:

    Again, you look awesome! Love seeing your weekly posts, even when I miss one:)

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